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Drainage Maintenance

Drainage, professional drain cleaning

As our drainage systems are largely hidden beneath the ground the natural inclination is to ignore them until something goes wrong. Often the first signs we have of problems in our drains are smells or overflowing gullies or covers. Depending on the type of drain and wastewater, we can often clear blockages with a set of rods or garden hose. This can often provide a very inexpensive solution.

A more persistent or chronic drain blockage often calls for a more professional approach to drain clearance and cleaning. Free Flow uses industrial equipment to clear blockages and this can include drainage rods with special plungers of metal springs which have been specially designed to reach areas which domestic rods cannot touch.

If manual techniques are unsuccessful, then high pressure water jetting can be used. Free Flow employs special van mounted high pressure and volumes which are specifically designed to pass through drains and both break up and wash away accumulation of debris which often is the cause of drain and sewer blockages. Our inspection equipment can then be used to inspect the internal condition of the pipes to assess whether the blockage was a unique event or whether there is a defect which needs to be considered further. Root growth into drains is a common invasive defect which can completely block up a pipe. A tree or bush is only looking to survive so if it finds a good reliable source of water with added nutrients then who can blame it for reaching into a drain?

These services include managing the assets of a wide variety of our clients including:

  • District and Borough Councils;

  • County Councils;

  • Supermarkets;

  • Hotels;

  • Limited companies;

  • International companies;

  • Private clients;

  • Not for profit organisations;

  • Government departments.


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