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CCTV Surveying

As our drainage and sewage is conveyed underground through pipes with infrequent accesses, it is quite difficult to see how these systems are performing and especially difficult to see any defects which might occur.

CCTV systems have been developed over the last 50 years to now provide a means of inspecting sewerage systems and drains for trouble shooting and inspection purposes. Originally, CCTV systems were especially used in larger municipal sewerage systems. These days, compact and highly technological systems are relatively inexpensive and highly portable, so everyone can employ a specialist to inspect their internal drain and sewer condition.

CCTV systems incorporate colour cameras which have self-levelling heads and the videos which are taken can be recorded digitally onto hard drives or flash drives for subsequent inspection and analysis. Free Flow uses this tool to provide cost-effective solutions to our clients. Often root ingress or defective joints can be inspected carefully using CCTV systems to provide the least cost solutions to restoring these essential systems to full and reliable operation.

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