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Expert Advice to National Housebuilders

Free Flow has provided assessment and investigation work to many National House Building Companies.

  • These services include:
  • Pre-purchase assessments on the existing drainage conditions;
  • Detailed drainage surveys of existing drainage assets;
  • Assistance with data collection for drainage infrastructure;
  • Calculation of the available hydraulic capacity of existing sewerage systems and the options for increased flow conveyance;
  • Assistance with planning applications with respect to drainage and sewerage as well as flood risk assessment and mitigation measures;
  • Internal inspections as well as walk through surveys of large drainage infrastructure on development sites.

Free Flow can assess and investigate any form of drainage or sewage culverts, conduits or pipes.

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Truckstop M20 Service Station

Free Flow has been providing a contracted drainage and sewage maintenance service to this major service station for many years.

Our services include the regular maintenance of the drains from the canteen, service station and accommodation as well as the hardstanding, lorry and car parking areas.

Both planned and emergency maintenance services under s set of special rates to this strategic point on the South East Motorway Network.

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HM Prison Service

Free Flow was chosen to carry out a comprehensive drainage and sewerage survey of the existing drainage systems in and around a large detention centre in Dover, Kent.

The work included a thorough internal inspection and assessment of the condition of the pipes, manholes and conveyance system.

We prepared a detailed summary of the defects and a list of recommendations for improvements to return the system to original performance.

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Kingston University Drainage Investigation

A thorough drainage inspection and assessment was carried out at Kingston University which resulted in the preparation of a detailed asset drainage report.

The work identified defects as well as provided detailed recommmendations for improvements with cost estimates.

Kingston University is currently under review for extensions and improvements and the drainage survey provided accurate information for investment decisions to be made for future growth.

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Lamberhurst School Survey

A thorough investigation was needed to detail and report on the present arrangements at Lamberhurst School.

The project architect needed to know the exact arrangements and routing of the drains, manholes and inspection chambers for development purposes.

Free Flow provided an accurate survey of all the underground drainage assets with photographs, video and associated reporting within budget and programme.

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LArtisan Du Chocolat

This prestigious chocolate factory is located in Kent and provides high quality chocolates to Harrods and British Airways.

Free Flow was chosen as a high quality and economical drainage cleaning and maintenance company by the owners.

Our services include the regular inspection and planned maintenance activities to continue the hygenic conditions needed for the production of this high quality confectionary product.

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National Drainage Survey of 80 Factories

A large national company approached Free Flow to provide drainage expertise. Free Flow were appointed against all the major national drainage companies on both quality and value criteria.

The survey included a complete investigation of all drainage assets at all of their factory sites. The exact scope was developed with the client and a bespoke concise survey reporting format was evolved.

Over a period of six months, all 80 factory sites were visited and a thorough survey carried out which included the capture of technical information on each manhole, inspection chamber, gully, petrol interceptor and pipeline.

All foul, surface water, process and land drainage systems were inspected and all drainage assets were assessed on fitness for purpose and condition. All potential environmental liabilities were also highlighted.

    Detailed recommendations were prepared for:
  • Immediate remedial works and repairs
  • Intermediate works
  • Long term improvements to meet environmental legislation and planned maintenance
  • A detailed plan was prepared and all chamber covers were sprayed with either blue or red colour to indicate function.
  • The survey reports also detailed a breakdown of future capital and operational investment.
  • The project was completed on time and to budget.

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Midland Bank Development, London

As part of a major refurbishment of the original Midland Bank Headquarters in the City of London, Free Flow was appointed to carry out surveys and condition assessments of the basement and underground drainage systems.
The development consortium was proposing to develop the listed building into a 6 star hotel and Free Flow provided an accurate assessment of the arrangements and condition of the drainage system within programme and to budget.

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New Private Sewer to Houses in Ashford

The failure of an old 150mm clay sewer led the authorities to call in Free Flow to identify the problems and then provide a sustainable and economic solution.
Free Flow installed a temporary pumping station and made the necessary designs and specifications, then applied to Southern Water and the Highway Authority to open the road and install temporary traffic regulation.
The work was carried out on one of the busiest roads out of Ashford and during peak times manual traffic regulation was used to control traffic flow.
A new sewer was installed and connected to the Public Sewer, under Southern Water's supervision and to their satisfaction.
The road was opened as quickly as possible and the problem was solved without drama.

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